Pozvánka na prednášku

Vložil: Mikuláš Huba | Publikované: 29.01.2017 15:51

Pozvánka na prednášku

16. 3. 2016 o 13.00 hod. (2x45 min), klub FEI, STU Bratislava
Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatiky, Ilkovičova 3, Bratislava

Tor Arne Johansen

Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
Center for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems,
Department of Engineering Cybernetics
Trondheim, NORWAY


The lectures will give an introduction to the key aspects of small fixed-wing unmanned aerial systems. It will consider flight control systems, radio communication, ground equipment, system architectures, payload systems, launch and recovery, VLOS and BLOS operational procedures and regulations. Examples of systems and field operations will be given, focusing more on the systems engineering level and also include operational aspects.

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